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Nicole Beacham,MBA

Nicole is an exceptionally ambitious entrepreneur and business leader. She has been a licensed commercial real estate broker since the age of 22 and became a tech & marketing CEO in her early 30s. She is a great asset to the clients she advises and to the companies and employees she leads.

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CEO / Business Strategist / Commercial RE Broker

Nicole Knows How To Get Results

Clients refer to her as a "game changer" for their business!

A skilled communicator, highly-intuitive entrepreneur, and big-picture thinker, Nicole is very talented at creating winning results for the commercial real estate and marketing clients she represents. Her dedication, drive, and business acumen also enable her to effectively run and grow her own companies.

Nicole’s resume is quite impressive as well. Aside from her early success as an entrepreneur and business leader, she graduated #1 in her class from the College of Charleston Honors College, Summa Cum Laude, with a perfect 4.0 GPA and went on to attend the best business schools in the world, including HEC Paris. However and despite these accomplishments, Nicole mostly just considers herself an “in the trenches” business person who knows how to use real-world experience and time-tested skills to get results for her companies and her clients.

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Expertise & Involvement

Nicole is consistently engaged in producing favorable outcomes



A passionate entrepreneur, Nicole has an intimate understanding of what it takes to launch, grow, and sustain a business. Due to the cyclical nature of the commercial real estate industry and rapid pace at which the tech and marketing fields evolve, Nicole always thinks of her own companies as start-ups. That is surprising to some as her companies have been around for decades, but indeed, they do function much like start-ups in the sense that their business operations and service offerings must be continually reinvented and refreshed. Nicole knows how to keep her companies relevant, and as a competitive person, she thoroughly enjoys the challenge of gaining an edge over the competition. While Nicole plays many roles as a professional and business leader, she finds nothing more rewarding than using her entrepreneurial spirit and business experience to help others reach their business goals and achieve even greater success than they thought possible.


Commercial Real Estate

As a licensed broker, Nicole’s commercial real estate company benefits from her role as a partner, CEO, and board member at leading companies specializing in business development, tech and marketing. Her unique position in having such company affiliations enable her to provide the clients she represents with numerous services and resources to make their projects and businesses thrive – even before or long after their real estate deal is closed.


Tech & Marketing

Nicole has worked in tech and marketing for over a decade and now uses her skills in this industry to lead her companies and to serve as a business strategist to clients looking to launch a new venture or grow their own companies. While most of Nicole’s clients think of her as an advisor, marketing expert, and business leader, many are surprised to learn that she has great technical expertise in the fields of website design & programming, cloud-based servers, software programming, and search engine optimization.


Giving Back

Nicole believes in giving back to the community. She is happy to donate her services and those of her companies to non-profits and other community organizations. Each year, she also financially contributes to select causes. Nicole has a particular interest in philanthropic endeavors that assist disadvantaged children and teens to overcome adversity.

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As the CEO of Medicis Marketing, Nicole has a keen interest in bringing on fresh talent, onboarding new clients, and connecting with prospective business associates. While the Company was established in 2002 and has grown to be an industry leader in web, tech, and marketing solutions exclusively for the medical industry, Nicole’s leadership has consistently ensured that Medicis maintains the feel of a smaller, boutique-style agency. Specifically, her vision for the Company is to offer the level of competency, expertise, and resources which rival the largest marketing firms while continuing to provide custom-tailored solutions and the highest quality of service expected from a smaller company. To accomplish this goal, Nicole personally and carefully selects every new team member and onboards each new client and business associate who is a part of the company’s reseller and referral programs.

Medicis Marketing is unique in that the vast majority of the websites, cloud-based software, and marketing solutions they create are sold under the brand names of their certified reseller partners. The typical reseller partner is a small to medium-sized company who already works with medical practice owners and seeks to increase their service offerings and profitability without having to hire new staff, make a large upfront investment, or take on additional overhead costs. Resellers maintain their relationship with their client, while Medicis Marketing works behind the scenes – with confidentiality guaranteed - to provide high-quality solutions that benefit all parties involved.

Medicis Marketing also has a Referral Program that is a good fit for professionals and companies who want a quick, simple, and cost-free means to begin earning generous commissions via directing new clients to the company. Referral partners are typically medical device companies, attorneys, financial consultants, physician coaches, or medical billing companies. Each program provides great potential for profitability, and if interested in either, be sure to consult with Nicole to discuss the best fit for your needs and goals.

If you’re the physician-owner or investor-owner of a medical practice or facility that is potentially interested in working directly with Medicis Marketing, Nicole would like to hear from you as well. If you are in need of an impressive HIPAA-compliant website, cloud-based software, or marketing solutions, she will get to know your objectives and ensure that you are taken care of by her team in a way that sets you up for success while exceeding your expectations. For select client relationships involving business strategy consulting or commercial real estate, Nicole is available to work directly with medical practice owners to launch new start-ups or open up additional locations.

Whether you reach out to Nicole with an interest in joining her team, becoming a new client or business associate, please note that she reads each new message daily and generally replies within a few hours.

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On A Personal Note

Nicole is a lifelong athlete, world traveler, and mother of four.

Nicole excelled in sports and has been a competitive athlete for as long as she can remember. She is a lifelong distance runner, swimmer, and former competitive volleyball player who “converted” to tennis later in life. She has been hooked to the sport of tennis ever since.

Nicole also loves to travel and has had the opportunity to visit all 50 U.S. States, every continent, and countless countries. She has even lived in Europe – both while attending university and as a professional. She has too many favorite places around the world to name but is particularly fond of the culture, natural beauty, and culinary scenes of Paris (mostly the 6th, 7th, 12th, and 16th districts), the French Riviera, the Bordeaux wine region, Tuscany, the Greek Islands, Casablanca, Buenos Aires, Sydney, and Kyoto.

Nicole has been married to her business partner and French-American husband, Laurent, since 2007. The couple stays busy with their professional endeavors, fitness pursuits, and four amazing children. Nicole finds great pleasure in being a parent. She especially enjoys teaching her kids about entrepreneurship and watching them learn to play tennis. She also occasionally challenges her husband – a fierce tennis player - to a match. The two have been known to play tennis whenever they can find a spare moment, in all types of weather conditions - including when temperatures exceed 100 degrees! Arguably, Nicole has defeated Laurent on a few occasions.

Partner / CEO / Business Strategist / Commercial RE Broker

Nicole Beacham, MBA Is A Passionate Entrepreneur & An Accomplished CEO, Business Strategist, and Commercial RE Broker. She Consistently Produces Top-Notch Results For The Companies & Clients She Represents.

Nicole partners in and leads marketing, tech, and commercial real estate companies – including Dialect Groupe, Dialect Realty, Medicis Marketing, and The Marketer Loft. She has also been an integral part of the successful development of her Companies’ numerous cloud-based software brands and service platforms, including Animated Inks, DocuSafe, Filldoc, Got2Chat, and ScreenHub.

Duo Partnerships

Cloud-Based Software

Medicis Marketing and The Marketer Loft combined their years of diverse industry knowledge and tech experience to develop service platforms and cloud-based software solutions known as Animated Inks, DocuSafe, Filldoc, Got2Chat, and ScreenHub. As a business leader with keen knowledge of client and end-user needs, Nicole played an active role in overseeing the development of each solution. She also currently hires ambitious professionals and companies to resell these solutions or earn generous commissions for client referrals. If you are interested in the reseller or referral program, feel free to reach out to Nicole to further discuss or complete the online application process.

Proudly Developed In Collaboration Between Medicis Marketing & The Marketer Loft

Animated Inks

Our team of creatives uses this thoughtfully developed platform to create amazing custom videos. Think explainer videos, patient edu videos, launch videos, business investment videos + more!

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A cloud-based file management software that gives authorized users access to company files from anywhere – and from any device - with an internet connection!

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Filldoc is an innovative digital form solution that is custom-built to perform. Sleek and user-friendly, Filldoc is symbolic with top-notch custom design that complements a company’s branding.

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Very impressive website chat software. See website visitors live and invite them to chat. Transfer chats between team members & departments. Collect leads offline and more!

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Wow-inducing, “call-to-action” website pop-up ads that are customized to increase engagement, sales, and leads. Integrates with newsletter systems, payment providers & sms gateways!

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Strategy Consulting

{ Business Development & Commercial Real Estate }

Nicole is the “go-to” business strategist to numerous start-up entrepreneurs, investors, medical practice owners, and international corporations. Due to her expertise, she has particular interest in a few key types of client relationships...

Start-up Consulting

Launch, Grow & Thrive

Healthcare Real Estate

Representation & Marketing

Equity Partnership via Medicis Marketing

Develop Business Potential

Distressed Businesses

Game-Changing Guidance & Support

As a passionate entrepreneur herself with extensive business experience, Nicole greatly enjoys working with various types of start-ups, and she especially appreciates those with high ambition. As a licensed commercial real estate broker and sought-after business development expert, having her on your team can make all the difference in your success!

Nicole can assist those with healthcare real estate assets or development projects accomplish their goals effectively and in a cost-efficient manner. As a licensed commercial real estate broker who serves as the CEO & partner in leading marketing companies, Nicole possesses the skillset and resources investors need to buy, sell, lease, manage or develop medical practices, large-scale medical complexes, or various healthcare facilities.

Many will delay growth or indefinitely weaken their potential due to not having the resources to invest into marketing. Nicole’s intervention as a marketing equity partner changes this phenomenon and enables those with potential to grow beyond measure. When she partners with you, your company receives the backing of her industry-leading marketing company for little to no upfront investment on your part. Simply relax and grow while knowing that you have the marketing support and business guidance you need.

The best and most high-potential businesses can experience declines for numerous reasons. Nicole can sometimes intervene into such situations, as she has the skills, resources, and network to turn even the most unfavorable circumstances around and get companies back on track to profitability and sustainable growth. If you’re experiencing any type of business hardship, be sure to speak with Nicole about whether she can help or point you in the right direction.

A Global Presence

Headquarter & Meeting Locations

Nicole frequently connects with clients and business associates via email, chat, text, teleconferences and the like. She is also available for in-person meetings at our U.S. based headquarter. For select opportunities, Nicole can arrange to meet with you at your place of business or at the numerous international office locations from where her teams operate.

United States

9375 E Shea Blvd
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

United States

300 Colonial Center Pkwy
Roswell, GA 30076

United States

590 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 12022

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777 S Post Oak Lane
Houston, TX 77056


Bouchard 557/599
Piso 20 Buenos Aires


201 Sussex Street
Sydney NSW 2000


2001 University Street
Montreal, QC, H3A 2A6

Czech Republic

Klimentska 46
CZ-110 02 Prague 1


Bulevardi Street 7
00120 Helsinki


23 rue Balzac
75008 Paris


Unter den Linden 21
10117 Berlin


Via Monte di Pieta
20121 Milan


Herengracht 282
1016 BX Amsterdam


Calle de Alcalá, 61
28014 Madrid

United Kingdom

1 Northumberland Ave
London WC2N 5BW

Nicole Beacham, MBA
CEO Business Strategist Commercial Real Estate Broker

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